HD Racking – Vertical Storage & Guarding

From sheet racks to vertical sheet racks, we have you covered.

Sheet Racks

The Sheet Tower from Roll Out Racks makes easy work of handling and
storing sheets of raw material. They greatly facilitate the delivery by forklift of
raw sheet material to laser, plasma, and water-jet cutting machines..

    Vertical Sheet Racks

    The vertical sheet rack stores a variety of sizes and shapes of sheet material,
    held vertically on a rolling drawer that facilitates loading and unloading.


      Storing and picking iron bars, piping, and raw materials in a safe and efficient
      matter is quite a challenge. Often, these items are stored on the ground where
      workers have to go through a pile to get the material they need. To increase
      the level of safety and efficiency in your workspace, with proper inventory
      control, we offer you the Roll Out Cantilever Rack.

        Roll Out Pallets

        The Roll Out Pallet responds to your reality by increasing execution speed
        while optimizing space and safety. Inventory and availability of your raw

        materials are crucial to your production process, and so we designed and built
        our Roll Out Pallet of thick steel and heavy-duty rollers. As a result, our Roll
        Out Pallet is extremely durable, withstands the harshest environments, and
        delivers easy access to materials, greatly facilitating material gathering and
        inventory management. Like all of our products, the Roll Out Pallet responds
        to your handling and storage needs.

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