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About the Process

Accurate Shelving’s product specialists are ready for you at our fully stocked Ottawa ON showroom and also offer personalised site visits to assess your workspace. Combined with our in-house designer we ensure a seamless process from conception to implementation.

Our professional installation teams have maintained a great safety record over our 15 years. We ensure all of our installers are properly trained in equipment operation, First Aid, fall arrest and more. In addition to our own safety policy, we easily adapt to any customer’s additional safety training programs.

Prior to the start of any project, we provide a copy of our Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) Clearance Certificates and a copy of our liability insurance certificate.


Services we offer

  • Personalised site visits
  • Layout and density Consulting
  • Warehouse design
  • Warehouse relocation projects
  • End frame replacements / repairs
  • Professional national/regional installations
  • Qualified supervision
  • Asset liquidations.
  • Pallet racking inspections
  • Rack elevation adjustments and re-sets
  • Speedy and clean tear downs and recycling programs
  • AutoCad drawings and site assessments
  • Pre-health and safety reviews and letters of recommendations
  • Moving and relocations


Browse our frequently asked questions for quick answers. If you do not find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us and one of our staff members will reach out to you.

How much weight can pallet racks hold?
Pallet racking load and weight capacities vary from light to heavy duty depending on the type of pallet racking purchased (roll formed, structural, hybrid or bolted). These storage systems are composed of four core components: End Frames, Load Beams, Decking, and Anchors. The
distance between the beams also effects the overall load capacity of the uprights and must be
evaluated prior to ordering.
How much does pallet racking cost?
Storage system costs are affected by multiple factors, including but not limited to the following. Size of your warehouse, clear height less obstructions, dimension and weight of product being stored and the ambient temperature are factors.
Should I install the warehouse pallet racking I purchased?
Pallet racking should only be assembled by trained personnel who are experienced with proper rack assembly procedures. This ensures that all connection points are secured and that it will remain a fixture for decades to come.
Can the configuration of the pallet racking system be changed after it’s installed?
Pallet racking configurations can be adjusted as you expand your business and increase your
inventory. Working with a reputable pallet rack supplier will give you peace of mind knowing that the new and improved configuration can hold the loads and will you and your staff safe.
Should I buy used pallet racking?

Used pallet racking is a great cost-saving investment.  Accurate Shelving offers a wide range of both new and used pallet racks and storage systems for warehouses and industrial facilities across Canada.

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